Been at home hanging out for the last month, but, am back in Vancouver on friday.
Can't wait to be back at Antisocial.
 Been at Rolling Hills Organics for years. Started out in high school and always make my way back.
It's so good in every way. Peter Finch is dedicated to organic living.
 Here's 5000 garlics.
 Lots of greens, arugula, mesclun and kale. So kind.
 One of those dudes is just filled with basil.
That yellow house changed my life when I was younger.
Growing up in a small town and finding like minded creative people was nuts.
They taught me a some really important things.
If its not rad, make it rad.
Never stop doing what you do and work hard.
Check out Gundi's sculptures, they rule.
Gonna miss coffee hangs on the deck with Peter.

Keep it kind.

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