Today equals solid goodtimes breakfast with the ultra kind Ben Frey and Mike "Adventure" Irvine. Mike got back from India days ago with stories of motorcycles, opium and burning humans. SO RAD.

Here's some some video about one of my biggest influences. The Tempster.

Fucking welcome to hell. Imagine if Brain Anderson was still on Toy Machine??

Something about the balance of skateboarding and art in people makes me happy.

Stay Kind everyone.



This is one of my favorite skateboards that got a new paint job recently.
I call it the curb surfer. It's basicly just a zip zinger, ha.
One step closer to having art on skateboards, yeah!

Getting alot done these days. Feels great.

This video of Evan Hecox making a latop sleeve graphic blows my mind.
Mega inspiring.

Evan Hecox from Arkitip, Inc. on Vimeo.

Hope everyone has a great day.



This is a semi to bad photo of a bunch of skateboards I did.
I'm gonna do it over cause I fucked up one of the little guys.
Then if you care there is a lowcard kinda how it works kinda deal.
So rad. Use to be a zine now it's a career. Probably the most legit
mag out there right now(other then thrasher).
Everything about lowcard is tight.

Make It Happen: Lowcard from TeamJaded on Vimeo.



Today was like summertime status as far as life goes.
Barrier shred, turbo long bike ride couple coffees and the first/best chilli dog I've
ever eaten. Thought I'd share this day in the life of one of the best.
Cardiel has always tought me to just rip. Now that the dude can't skate he rides a track bike.
Even though 90% of that culture is pure kooks he's just gotta rip.
I can get down for that.
Stay kind everyone.



I've been working on this dude for a while. Not sure if it's done or not...
Fucking feels great to do things this big though.
Mega power in big stuff I think. The idea of having something that big in someone's
space with them is so rad..

Today was super kind. Skated a bunch with some great people.
Doesn't get better then that for me...
Maybe reliving how stupid stoked I was the first time I watched hot chocolate, MJ
laying it out. You can pretty much convince your mind to do anything.

Hope everyone is good.
Keep it kind.

Spike Jonze "Hot Chocolate" from Iconoclast Editions on Vimeo.



I painted these bags. Might end up doing like 40 of these or something. Certain colors on brown are great.
Todays rad. The rain is soothing some days here. Good jams, a good book, get inside your head for awhile.

If your feel like it, check out this book. John Ralston Saul has been a favorite of mine for a long time.
Any of his books are worth checking out.



This dude is where my everyday work is at right now. I've been thinking alot about outside influences
and how they effect the common person. You know like, what a random says, what the sign tells me, how the jams speak to me or don't speak to me and how that effects my being. Negative or posative. This is the series I'm most focused on.
With that in mind the vibe of the scrum tilly lush vids are so rad. Enjoy.

Per Magnusson in Malmo- The Scrum Tilly Lush from Philip Evans on Vimeo.



A coast ghost is your buddy who use to skate all the time but doesn't anymore for some reason or another.
Bummer. It'crazy hazy in vancouver today. Not awesome vibes for most. A good day to draw for sure.
Got a email back from my homie Sweet Tooth Nelson(who's jams I love), he's got a band to play his songs with.
That band is called Hallelujah. Rad.
Hope everyone has a very kind day.

oh yeah also.

MindTheGap from RVCA on Vimeo.



Here's some hang tags I did. Getting super pumped on working on random things these days. The last one is of the stuff you'd most likely see me with/wearing if you were to see me. Probably not that interesting to most, but, I love seeing that stuff from other people. Today was so rad in Vancouver, sunny, skating, coffee and smiling. Doesn't take anything too nuts to make me happy. Then Cory came over and took some photos of some new work I've been doing. Feeling great. Getting closer to the third issue of Collect Everything. Yeah!