This is my first drawing in Melbourne.
Don't have a space yet but a dinner table works just fine.
Great skate weather, sorry to rub it in to those of you who are in the winter.

This photo was yesterday when it was overcast and windy, but, today it was so fun.
Launcher. Sliver city if you eat shit.

keeper kind.



 Have yet to get working again. It's only been a week and a half...Feels like forever though.
When you're sleeping on a good friends couch, skating, tail-bone bruised, tooth ached  and drunk for too many days. Not complaining. Lifes so rad.
Been focusing on getting some future projects rolling in this end of the world.
Interesting work comming up once I find myself more settled.(as of the 27th in my new spot in Carlton)
Hanging by the beach tipping melboure bitters is not a bad way to pass the time though.

Stay kind.



I've been in Melbourne for three days now.
Loving summer, beach, blisters from skating and good friends.
Hopfully soon I can get a home and get painting again.
Also, the new Black Mountain album rules.

Keep Kind.